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Thumbs-up Ice Cream is the world’s smallest ice cream cone on a colorful thumb-held palette functioning as a multi-cone holder. Customers can choose to enjoy five different delicious delights in one order, and choosing from a wide variety of flavors or stick with their all time favorites. This is a very playful way of eating ice cream, and the same reason why we’ve labeled it as “small indulgence, big satisfaction.”


Thumbs up is the brain child of Metro Grind Corporation. It began with the desire to find a unique way of enjoying an all-time favorite dessert, ice cream. Inspired by one of the concepts seen in one of the partner’s travels, the concept of thumbs up combined the group’s desire to provide a twist to the familiar experience of savouring ice cream served in a cone.

The miniature versions allow each customer an experience of tasting several flavours at an affordable price while the flavour choices are also something unique to a Thumbs Up experience. At Thumbs Up, we constantly find ways to delight our customers, young and young at heart.


Metro Grind Corporation is a company established in 1999 to provide quality, affordable products, delivered with a unique customer experience. The founders are armed with extensive backgrounds in the food service, management, and retail industry.

Armed with a strong desire to bring a global experience to the local market, they rallied a teamed of local and international consultants to take charge of Research and Development for their latest products. Every new project is a testament to their mantra:

“We opt not to consider the cost, but, the quality of serving.”